VPN for India

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When it comes to internet freedoms in India, things aren’t quite as peachy as they could be. As the government performs frequent blocking and restricts access to certain websites and online services, the best way to regain access in India to everything the internet has to offer is by using a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network not only keeps you secure but allows you to access geo-restricted content easily. Once your VPN is installed, you can quickly and easily log in to a server in a different country altogether – that will ‘spoof’ your IP address and overcome the restricted websites. Simple!

So handy for those based in or travelling to India. But what about if you’re an Indian resident who’s overseas but wants to watch the films or sport coverage that you’d normally enjoy streaming when back home. Grab one of the below best India VPNs and you’ll be able to access servers based in India that will kid your laptop or mobile device in to thinking they’re back in India.