Windows 8 L2TP Setup

Setup Instructions L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) on Windows 8

Automated Setup

Just download, install and login with the username and password you received in our welcome mail.
Once installed you can switch locations, easily connect and disconnect, view stats and much more.

Below you can find a step-by-step manual to configure a L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) VPN connection manually on Windows 8 in only 15 steps:

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Follow these simple steps to install VPN on Windows 8 using the L2TP protocol.

  • 1-Go to Windows Control Panel.

    2-Choose “ “Network and Internet“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup

  • 3-Choose “ “Network and Sharing Center“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup3

    4-Choose “ “Setup up a new connection or network“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup4

  • 5-Choose “Connect to a workplace“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup5

    6-Select”Use my Internet connection (VPN)“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup6

  • 7-Fill in the server details (you can find these in our Welcome Email). Then click on “Create”.

    Server addressvpn

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup7

    8-Right click on the VPN connection you just created and choose ” View connection properties“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup8

  • 9-Make sure the Type of VPN is using “Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPsec)â€‌ and click on “Advanced settings“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup9

    10-Fill in the preshared key as show in the example and click on “OK“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup10

  • 11-Click on “OK” again to close the VPN properties window.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup11

    12-Click on the VPN connection you just created and click on “Connect“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup12

  • 13-Fill in your Username and Password (you can find these in our Welcome Email). Then click on “OK“.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup13

    14-Your computer will now connect to our servers. This will take a few moments the first time.

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup14

  • 15-You are now connected!

     Windows 8 L2TP Setup15

First connection usually takes not more than a minute. After connection you should now see the VPN connection successfully established.

Manual VPN setup tutorials


We have worked out a few tutorials with a step by step explanation on setting up your VPN connection via Vpn center. We support most popular Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, Android and Iphone.

For the quickest setup on Windows, we suggest installing our OpenVPN software via the installer on the right side! You can be connected in a matter of minutes!

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