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providers for China

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A VPN connection is the fastest and safest way to get around the censorship in the Chinese Internet. Practically all Western companies in China use VPN connections to the respective company center, and also many foreigners in China have private VPN connections, in order not to have to do without numerous Internet sites in Europe and North America. VPN providers are generally not blocked in China.

Some VPN providers for China

Perfect Privacy
This German-speaking provider from Switzerland maintains high-end VPN servers worldwide, including in numerous neighboring countries of China, which allows a fast connection. Perfect Privacy is a premium provider with a very fast connection and very sophisticated encryption.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN connection (“Virtual Private Network”) is a kind of Internet access, comparable to the DSL access or the Internet dial-in via GPRS. In the case of VPN, however, access to the Internet is made via the Internet itself. In other words, a VPN access is an Internet access over the Internet.

If, for example, you have Internet access via a WLAN in China, then you are now connected in a second step with your in Germany. The communication between the German VPN provider and the own PC is made via an encrypted, secure connection, a so-called “VPN tunnel”. The data transferring them is not visible from the outside and therefore can not be censored.

If you now visit an Internet site, only the VPN provider in Germany appears as an access point to the Internet. The fact that the PC has actually selected from China on the Internet is also not visible. So you have dialed over an encrypted connection from Germany to the Internet.

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