How to install a VPN on your router

Installing a VPN app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet is a great way to enhance your security and privacy. However, if you want to protect your whole network and especially devices that don’t support VPN functionality, you can install a VPN on your router.

If you need help with setting it up, check out our tutorial.

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Best VPN routers for your home

How to choose a VPN router

Make sure it’s VPN-compatible

Before purchasing a router, make sure it supports VPN protocols. You can check the router’s documentation – if it supports OpenVPN, it’s likely to work with vpncenter

Get a pre-configured router

Buy the setup VPN on router and you won’t have to worry about getting the right device. VPNCENTER partner Flashrouters offers a wide variety of routers that support our services right out of the gate.

Speed is everything

Before purchasing a Flashrouter, make sure you’re picking a VPN service provider that doesn’t slow down your connection. As it happens, VPNCENTER is one of the fastest VPN providers out there.

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Do I need a special router for VPN?

Many routers support VPN software, but there are some exceptions. Make sure to check that a router supports VPN protocols before you buy it (this information should usually be available from the seller or in the product’s documentation).

Should I put a VPN on my router?

Absolutely. First, check if your router’s brand can support a VPN. Once you’ve correctly configured your current router, you’ll have a home VPN that comfortably protects all devices connected to the Wi-Fi. If you’re curious whether your router can install DD-WRT firmware, make sure to check compatible models on our support pages or contact our 24/7 support line.

What routers have built in VPN?

If you want to avoid the hassle of installing a VPN yourself, there are many routers on the market that come with a built-in VPN. You can check out a wide variety of secure router options on With a VPN router, you can get secure Wi-fi straight out of the box.

Is a VPN router worth it?

If you plan to use your Wi-Fi for anything sensitive (online payments, digital banking, or anything that involves private information like passwords or social security numbers) a VPN router can add real value. It will protect your devices with layers of powerful encryption, and guard against internet speed throttling — a particular bonus for streaming and gaming.

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