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Why Should You Buy VPN Service?

  • Anonymous VPN IP
    Your IP address is considered your digital fingerprint. Prevent websites from identifying you or your location from your personal IP.
  • Unblock Any Website
    Unblock any website regardless of geographical location or firewall. Setup the anonymous VPN software in minutes, on any device.
  • Stay Private Online
    Stop snooping governments, ISP’s, hackers and employers from controlling or sniffing your online activities. Don’t let the web browse YOU!
  • Stealth VPN Service
    VPNCENTER can tunnel through even the most strict DPI firewalls in countries like China or UAE. Go Stealth with OpenVPN, SSTP & SSH Tunnels.
  • Private VPN Encryption
    Encryption works. Be discreet when conducting business online with military grade encryption. Your web history is no one's business but your own.
  • World Class Support
    Leave support to the pro’s. TorGuard helpdesk is made of qualified & dedicated individuals. We’re here 24/7 so you can get back to what’s important.

See what you get with your subscription

  • No complicated set-up
    Our proprietary software makes set-up a snap on any of your devices.
  • No limits
    We don’t restrict use or track your bandwith use. Surf, upload and download all you want.
  • 100% anonymous sign-up
    We never have to know your name or any identifiable information.
  • No logs
    We don’t keep logs, so we don’t know what you do with our service.
  • No borders
    Access any content around the world, from anywhere in the world.
  • Three simultaneous connections
    Use up to three devices at the same time with your account.
  • No kidding
    Unlimited speeds. Unlimited server switches.

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